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Tuesday, March 19

Primitive Nature Evolving Slowly


I heard a story in a psych class in college about trapping a spider monkey, by putting nuts in a hole just big enough for their little hands to get through.
The little guys will reach in to grab the prized item, only to find their fist full of goodies will not fit back through the hole. Unfortunately, they won't let go.... Will just sit there with their fists clenched to something that eventually takes their freedom and possibly their life.
Sounds a bit, well, nuts.....
But how often do we do the same.... Hold onto something we shouldn't, trapping us until we finally realize that all we have to do is let go.
Today I had to let go of a fistful of my crazies..... Which in turn meant letting go of someone close to me......
And I feel a freedom and light heart I didn't expect.
Everyone is in your life for a purpose.... And sometimes it's to teach a crash course in defining boundaries, or barriers you can't cross no matter how much you care.
This was my lesson.
So nice to realize an open empty hand, is ready to grasp real and sustainable/ livable outcomes.

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