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This is the story of a single stitch from the universal blanket as I try to get out of a snag. Instead, I get myself in a bunch of knots, but you'll see that things always work out the way they are suppose to in the end. Welcome to the journey, feel free to pipe in. This is subject to copyright, and must have my consent for partial or whole copies. Feel free to email me, or message. Would be happy to meet fellow stitches out there ;) I'm interested in hearing your stories as well. ~Biddy

Sunday, February 17

Weaving looms of hope

And just wanted to share with you all this mans story I just met on sidewalk and sat down with for a bit.....
In 50s and has been on the streets for over six months Still bares great light even though his face and clothing are dirty, and hands are worn....
His smile is not
His voice is tired.... Yet his spirit is not.
He feels things will change for him this Tuesday and I told him I hoped he was right.
Until then, he's just "hanging tight and enjoying the sun"
Said "I'm more optimistic than most homeless. That's because I have hope"
Have hope dear stitches.... Our Tuesday is coming.

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