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Tuesday, February 12

Should I stay or should I go.....

Ive been in day treatment fir a while, for the anorexia. And today I walked out of group because I felt like I would cry..... And there was absolutely no reason within me.
Just a deep sadness.
Stepped out in lobby and felt huge relief....
Thinking I am drawing on someone else's energy. There are a few possible sources. Wish I knew which one felt such grief.... Wish that I could reach out and touch their soul..... Somehow make things better.
Do something to take away the agonizing pain.
Feel so insignificant..... So helpless.
So unable to make the slightest positive difference.
Oddly instead of trying I just want to flee and go home for the day..... Just to escape that dreadful feeling.
But something makes me stay....

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