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Saturday, February 9

Biddy Bit of Kindness Travels

Very cool happening yesterday..... A reminder of something I already knew.....keep being kind to others even if they're unkind to you.
Of course thus doesn't mean to submerge yourself into life of being surrounded by negative energy..... But sometimes I do find myself where I do have to continually be in contact with people whose energy is less than positive for whatever reason that may be.
One I constantly come across is this bus driver, who upon first meeting,tore me a new ass.  It was a communication error, where he didn't take what I was saying with the humor intended......and I tried to explain, but he was on a one-track monologue..  
So instead of digging the whole deeper, I had just sat down, and attempted to send positive energy his way, and smile genuinely in his direction......which only pissed the poor guy off more......
totally unintended.
And still when I got off the bus, I thanked him, and bid him good day.....and truly hoped he would have a better day.

Since that day, the universe's cruel joke is to have us come across each other often.
I remain kind........typically without words, because you only have to yell at Biddy once for me to take note and learn from experience.........however, I always smile,and always thank him for ride, and bid him good day.

Yesterday, he was kind in return.  He pulled the bus up super close to curb so I wouldn't have difficulty getting in with my bags and my cane (my roommate calls me the bag lady for my determine to use reusable bags everywhere, but that is another story for another day)
So I thanked him.
And he said "sure" -----with a smile in his tone........not on his face.  That still appeared grumpy.
But his tone definitely had a smile in it!

Now he did proceed to get into a fight with another passenger only moments later, but baby steps people.
We can't expect to be holding hands singing Kumbaya, or We Are The World......
Well,at least not yet.

But he did give me a small gift.
A reminder to not wait for others to be kind to show love and compassion to them.
If we hold off we won't we able to teach them how.....or give a hand out of a dark space...........one we all are in from time to time.
And if I continue to be kind to this guy, or the random check-out person with a grumpy attitude........It might cause subtle changes over time.
Maybe not big changes,but hey maybe next time he will smile with his face for a brief second........or yell at me again......doesn't matter.
What matters is the energy I am giving off.
And sometimes that makes a difference.
Peace with you stitches. May we all be kind............even when we don't want to ;-)

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