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This is the story of a single stitch from the universal blanket as I try to get out of a snag. Instead, I get myself in a bunch of knots, but you'll see that things always work out the way they are suppose to in the end. Welcome to the journey, feel free to pipe in. This is subject to copyright, and must have my consent for partial or whole copies. Feel free to email me, or message. Would be happy to meet fellow stitches out there ;) I'm interested in hearing your stories as well. ~Biddy

Monday, October 29

Early Sandy Signs

I will post some video tomorrow as well.  Here is the pre-landfall video from suburbs of DC area.  Rain with some gusts making walking difficult, but not really that bad.  Even low-lying areas that normally flood, as you can see, are still stable.  Would be nice if it stays that way.
Stay safe dear ones.

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